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Siya Carla - Solutions Consultant

Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.

Software Development Company

Finoit is a prominent software development company in USA & India, widely known for delivering top-notch software development solutions to clients across the globe.


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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Software Developer

Hiring a software developer is no easy affair. However, an idea on the same can pretty much help to determine the cost factor. There are certain other parameters that play a role in the hiring procedure. Here is a detailed account of the considerations that are the most important of all.


Cost to Hire a Software Developer

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SDLC Models & Methodologies

With the rise of offshore software development practice, a number of SDLC models and methodologies have come into the scene, which software application development companies use to ensure successful complete of the project. Among all of them, three widely used software development methodologies are Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum. Read in detail to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these three software development models.

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The Crucial eCommerce Statistics for 2019


The powerful and growing trend, e-commerce has gone a long way till now and has plans to continue its growth in the future too. The growing trend of users going online for all kind of purchase is the latest vogue and even businesses are going gaga about it. Even the smallest brick and mortar store are getting a mobile app developed from an ecommerce mobile development company to compete and sustain in the harsh competition in the e-commerce market.


But how do you know it carries a blast of future possibilities? We shall take you through some top end e-commerce statistics of 2019 that will give you a gist of the success and scope of the e-commerce industry.


1) Global Buyers


There is almost 7.7 billion population on a global scale and out of these, almost 25% of mobile users are doing online shopping. This means that there are 1.92 billion digital shoppers in the year 2019 which definitely would continue to increase with each passing day. By 2021, the number is expected to grow by 2.14 billion in 2021.



2) Sales


Coming to the next category of the e-commerce industry, it is quite evident that e-commerce sales have been increasing tremendously with time. The expansion and global coverage of demographic areas are living proof that e-commerce industries are reaching heights in almost all countries thus increasing the sales.


The U.S. has topped online retail sales with $504B and is expected to exceed $735B in the next 5 years. If the total is to be realized, the total value of e-commerce sales has raised from $1.34 trillion in 2014 to $2.84 trillion in 2018. This is again expected to cross $4 trillion by 2020 and reach $4.88 trillion in 2021.


Rising eCommerce sales has also given push to eCommerce application development companies to help clients create web and mobile apps. You can contact to an ecommerce web design company to create eCommerce app for your business.


3) E-commerce market


It is very well known that China holds the position of the highest e-commerce market in the world. It is estimated that China has gained over 70.7% five-year growth and will reach $1,086M in projected revenue. The US comes in second place with a 45.7% five-year growth.


4) Future growth


The boom of online retail buying has pushed almost all businesses to develop their own ecommerce web and mobile app so that they are ready to compete in the market along with fulfilling user needs. With such exhilarating speed, in the next 20 years, 95% of purchases are expected to come from online e-commerce. It is the best time to compete in the market by associating with an ecommerce web development company and get the app developed.


The US has already the highest penetration rate in the world with 77% of purchasing being done online in 2016. The number will grow to 81.3% by 2020.


5) Reachability


The growing use of e-commerce industry is due to the fact that there are websites available for every segment of users. Yes, according to the needs, a user any visits any e-commerce website and make an order of whatever they want without any fuss of buying it from brick and mortar store.


There are around 12M to 24M e-commerce sites in the world which makes it easy and reachable to users of their needs and requirements. Big giants like Alibaba, Amazon has relatively an upper edge compared to any other e-commerce site.


6) Entrepreneurs Growth


More and more people in the globe are moving towards building their own business. With the rise in entrepreneurship across the world, there has been a tremendous rise in e-commerce website development. Especially in the US, there are still half of the entrepreneurs who do not have a website yet. Once the request of the website if fulfilled, the growth of the business is sure on the list.


7) M-commerce


With an increase in the use of mobile devices, users have become more interested in making a purchase through a mobile. The ease of use, instant access, 24/7 availability, all these factors have enticed users to use mobile rather than going all the way to website for purchase.


By the year 2021, around 53.9% of all US retail e-commerce is expected to be generated through m-commerce. And worldwide, the share of m-commerce is expected to rise to 72.9% by 2021.


8) Spending habits


It is realized that men spends more than women while making a purchase on e-commerce websites. The average spending of men is almost $220 per transaction and for women its $151 per transaction. It is because of the reason that men usually look for luxury and technology-based products which cost higher than other basic products.


9) Shopping Behavior


Not all website visit results into an actual purchase on e-commerce websites. There are many challenges which result in cart abandonment. M-commerce cart abandonment rate is higher when compared with desktop. 61% of users leave the purchase due to increased shipping prices. Even a slow website discourages users to make a purchase. Almost 75% of users abandon shopping due to this reason-Source: Annex Cloud.


So make sure that your eCommerce website development company creates a responsive and user-friendly website for your business.




2019 has come up with great numbers and statistics to show the potential that the e-commerce industry carries with itself. In the near future ahead, the numbers loudly explicate the amount of growth, profits and success lie in the path of the e-commerce business. More and more businesses are making sure to take advantage of the situation and make huge out of the opportunities lying ahead.

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Software Development Life Cycle

Understanding the SDLC process is crucial for business owners to set objectives and achieve the desired output. Although, stages of the software development life cycle are the same for all the software development companies what metrics they set at each stage makes all the difference. Read more to learn about the SDLC stages.


Software Development Life Cycle



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Top 10 Web Application Development Frameworks

Choosing from a multitude of web development frameworks is difficult, as the selection largely impact the quality and timeline of the web application development project. To help you out, here is the list of top 10 web application development frameworks preferred by web developers and web development companies.


Web Application Development Frameworks

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PHP Vs ASP.NET: Which is the Best?

Selecting between PHP and ASP.NET for web application development project is a tough task, as both have excellent features to make your web development project a success. To help you out in making a decision, we have created a PHP vs. ASP.NET comparison guide that highlights the pros and cons of each.



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Mobile App Development Company

When selecting a mobile app development company, you have to consider a number of factors to ensure that the company you have partnered with is reliable, technically-proficient, and follow a streamlined process. Here, you can find a well-defined list of factors that a mobile app development company must have.


Mobile App Development Company

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Kotlin Programming Language is the New Favorite to Google

This year’s Google I/O event may not be too encouraging for Java developers in Android app development, but it, of course, the time to enhance the skills and look out the scattered opportunities. Check out here what is Kotlin, and why it is going to rule in 2019 for Android app development.


Kotlin Programming Language is the New Favorite to Google

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7 Tips to Become A Great Java Developer

Now that Java 12 has been launched with promising new features, many Java development companies are in search of developers with exceptional skills and knowledge of Java, who can quickly adapt to the new changes. Here are 7 exclusive tips that not only will help you sharpen your skills to become a great Java developer in 2019 but also make you preferred by top-notch Java app development companies.


Java Developer

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React vs. Angular Comparison: Everything You Need to Know

React is a JavaScript library and Angular is a framework. Although it is not fair to compare a library with a framework, the widespread use of React and yet a clinginess for the Angular make it difficult to not to compare each other and see which is better. Here’s a short React vs. Angular comparison guide that evaluate both of them on different app development parameters.


React Vs Angular

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Top 10 Ways IoT Can Be Used by Restaurants

Today, no sector is untouched by the Internet of Things, one of the revolutionary concepts in the #technology space. IoT has the potential to enable #restaurants to manage their process efficiently and deliver outstanding customer experience. Read in detail 10 ways restaurants can use IoT to stay on top in the market.


Top 10 Ways IoT Can Be Used by Restaurants

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Top 10 IoT Implementation Challenges Faced by Enterprises

Internet of Things, for businesses today is as important as their clients. The word “connectivity” holds the utmost importance for enterprises today; however, there are some challenges that a company may come across while implementing the technology into the business. The write-up summarizes a brief on all those challenges.


IoT challenges

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Microsoft Visual Studio Vs. Eclipse

Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse are two of the most popular IDEs. Selecting one of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a critical task when developing an application, as an IDE brings the compiler, debugger, code editor, and GUI, along with many other facilities. Take a look at the factors that will help you determine which IDE to choose for your application development project.


Microsoft Visual Studio Vs. Eclipse

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7 Popular Java Frameworks for 2019

Java has quite an extensive range of #frameworks that make coding much easier. And the list of features that come along needs no mention. Java frameworks allow developers to code lightweight #webapps. These frameworks offer ease making it easier for #developers to code in a less time frame. Let’s have a look at the most popular Java frameworks.  

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Top 15 Sensor Types & Their IoT Use

Nowadays, sensors play a crucial role in our daily lives and in IoT. From Smartphones to wearable devices, industrial machines to vehicles, all of these have sensors, which monitor and help collect data. Let’s take a look at the types of sensors in IoT and what information they acquire.


IoT Sensors

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